Saturday, August 25, 2012

Why Soccer fans despise TimeWarner Cable

#1 The exclusive deals it makes with residential properties.  I should have a choice of providers, but Time Warner has an exclusive with my property.  If I want to switch to a better provider (and there is no doubt TWC is inferior when it comes to the content the provide) then I must move.

#2 Whenever a new popular service or channel is introduced, TWC either never offers the product, or is the last one to do so.  Examples: HBOGo (last to offer). NFL Network (only cable co that doesn't have it).

#3 I pay an extra 6.99 a month for GolTV, but its only in SD.  This is robbery.

#4 This item is one that if TWC changes their behavior and implements very soon, then I'll change my mind about TWC and begin singing their praises.
I pay extra for Fox Soccer Plus and GolTV.  The new channel, beIN Sport now has the rights to the soccer leagues in Italy, Spain, and France.   This content was on Fox and GolTV last year.  So if TWC does not implement beIN Sport, it amounts to a disruption in service.   Not only does beIN have the content listed above, but they also have the World Cup Qualifier matches for the USA Men's team.  TWC, would you y your paying customers the ability to watch the USA in this crucial campaign?     

TimeWarners trend of not offering what customer's desperately want gives them a deserved "hated" status.   If they reverse this trend and offer beIN sport (in HD) this would go a long way to reversing that deserved reputation.

I want to add, that customer service from TWC is usually outstanding.  Those folks work hard and shouldn't be held accountable for the horrendous decisions made by their greedy CEO, board, and upper management.